Last Sunday was Beat the Bridge and it was a complete success! We had the best weather for it. It was warm and sunny with clear blue skies, and about the second day of the year where I didn’t have to wear a long sleeve shirt! Anyway, I was such a fun day. We got up early to get doughnuts (which were delicious!) and to get my Mom there on time as she was part of the ribbon cutting ceremony. We then waited for the rest of our team to show up. We had a really big team this year! My Grandma brought a ton of her workout friends, a few of my cousins came, and my friend Jace and her parents came as well. It was so much fun! We walked 3 miles through and around the University of Washington campus (one of my favorite parts:)). Jace and I debated on whether WSU or UDub was better since she’s a Cougar fan. When we got to the finish, we waited by the Finish Line for the rest of our team when Michael Bennett, Bobby Wagner, and Cliff Avril walked by so, of course, we had to get pictures! I was so happy! We then headed out to go to breakfast/lunch at Burger Master. After that, we dropped my Great-Grandma off at the ferry and dropped me off with my Grandma to go shopping! That was a lot of fun.

Beat the Bridge is always a special day for me. Seeing all of the people who have been affected by diabetes shows me how I am not alone in my fight and journey with diabetes. I feel so supported and I love hanging out with my family and friends, especially┬áJace since we don’t get to talk very┬ámuch during the rest of the year. I always look forward to it, and I hope to help raise even more money to help JDRF in the coming years!

Don’t forget that if you want to donate, check out our team page and donate to my name!