So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This summer has been so jam-packed that I haven’t had much time to blog! 🙂 This summer has been amazing! We’ve been having lots of fun and I’d like to tell you guys about it. We do still have about 3 weeks until school starts, but I’ll update you guys on that later. 

So to start off, at the beginning of the summer me and my youth group headed out to New Orleans for our mission trip and it was amazing! We met some amazing people from Florida and Kansas and the mission work and tourism we did was AWESOME! The French Quarter was so beautiful and showed all of the amazing cultures the city has. My group’s mission work was in an Urban Garden in the Lower 9th Ward, which is the poorest part of New Orleans. The goal of the Garden(called Our School at Blair Grocery run by a man named Turner) is to get kids off the streets and to teach them cooking and gardening skills and to provide them with food for the week. So we weeded the garden and herded the goats and also fixed one of Turner’s neighbor’s front porch stairs, which was my favorite part of the whole week. She was so grateful and is such a strong woman. She is fighting cancer but is not letting that stop her. She puts all of her faith in God and Jesus, and I could really see God speaking and working through her. We also went to an African- American church, which was very different from our’s but I loved the atmosphere. On the way home, we stopped for a VooDoo museum tour where the lady pulled a snake out of her turban and a swamp tour where we got to hold a baby gator. It was so amazing and I will never forget it. (I’ll add more on this later). 

When we got back, my mom and I left for an overnight camping trip to Blake Island in the Puget Sound with my Great-Uncle John. We canoed over and spent the night at a campground. It’s one of my favorite trips that we do. We then that Friday did a day trip to Spokane for my cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Only bad part was we got home at 1 in the morning. We had a few weeks off after that so we just hung around home as a family. 

Our next vacation is my favorite every summer. We started off a little different by going to the San Juan Island’s but it was still really cool. I loved the San Juans and learned about the Pig War and we got to see the British and American camps which was my favorite part. (I love learning about American history). We also stayed at a really cool campground. After that, we picked up my friend Taylor and headed to my favorite place, Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, WA. The camp we go to is called Family Camp, so it’s our version of a Family Reunion. It was my first year bringing a friend and I loved it. 

After Family Camp, we went to Lake Chelan for my grandma’s birthday and their anniversary. I always love Lake Chelan and we haven’t been in a few years, so I was really excited to go this year. We rented a boat and went tubing, rented a jet ski, went shopping and golfing and hung around the hotel to swim all day. Our hotel, Grand View on the Lake, sits right on the lake and has the most amazing views! You can jump right off the deck on the ground floor into the lake, and it is so much fun! We headed home on a Saturday, and the following Monday golf started. 

Thanks for reading about my ummer and I promise I will add some pictures later when I have the time. 🙂