One of the main responsibilities of being a JDRF ambassador is speaking at kickoff breakfasts and luncheons, and the first official breakfast we got to speak at was the JDRF Corporate Kickoff Luncheon. I took a day off from school to be able to go to the Sheraton Seattle to speak in front of 70+ people about my story and what my future plans are. What was different about my story from the other ambassadors is that I don’t remember my diagnosis, where the other ambassadors do. So while all of the other ambassadors told their story about being in the ER and learning to transition from normal life to a diabetic life, I had the privilege of talking about how I have never known anything different, and how it is now a part of me and who I am. After our speeches, they showed our video to the public for the first time and everyone loved it. The coolest part for me (except for the speaking part) was after the luncheon was over when two company representatives┬ácame up and asked for a picture with me and the other ambassadors. That was so cool and it made my day. I am so excited to do more of these kickoffs to inspire others to fundraise to help find a cure for T1D and to help create a community atmosphere at every store. (I’ll post a few pictures later as my internet is not wanting to work at the moment)