Another promotion activity I had the opportunity to do was a radio interview with Beat the Bridge’s new radio sponsor Movin’ 92.5! Special thanks to Delilah for both getting Movin’ to sponsor Beat the Bridge and allowing me to come into the studio! It was such a cool experience. I’ve never been in an actual radio recording booth before and I have to tell you I couldn’t stop smiling. They had a huge curved desk with a soundboard and headsets and huge professional microphones. I once again felt like a celebrity. The coolest part though was getting to promote Beat the Bridge and tell my┬ástory on the radio where millions of people will hear it. It’s so cool to me that my story is able to inspire others to become involved with things like Beat the Bridge, even if it’s just a small donation (which I hope you will consider donating – there’s still time!). Another cool thing that these promotions have sparked is that people have been coming up to me and commenting on the King 5 commercial! It so cool to actually see that something I have had a part it is affecting those around me. Thank you all again for following my journey and please keep reading!